Do you think the Frozen movie would be so popular if it were in black and white?

No, of course not. Why else does everyone get so excited about gummy bears? And what makes ice cream, which is already awesome, even more awesome? Sprinkles! Not any old sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles!

Imagine a world full of paint fights and steps that spit out splashes of colour with every step. Where the walls are just different flavoured jelly that you can bounce off and wearing grey is a criminal offence. That’s our Head Office. The world needs more colour and Fr33 Earth is here to bring it! All the wild and funky combinations you can think of, ready to be splashed onto your sexy feet!

Here at FR33 EARTH, colour is everything. We eat technicolour macarons for breakfast. Munch on rainbow cakes for lunch. Then dive into an all-you-can-eat Skittles buffet for dinner. And snack on 100s and 1000s in between. That’s how much we love colour. We live, EAT and breathe it! Life’s too short for boring thongs. Inject some colour with our Fr33 Earth collection.

New POP colours!

Made complete with natural rubber!

Grooves to give you traction

Pattern to give you grip

Strap made from natural rubber

Harvested from local communities in Thailand

1. Planted

The rubber tree is planted, and grows to be about 1 meter tall

2. Harvested

Local farmers will harvest the rubber by a method called tapping which is done in the early hours of the morning

3. Rolled

Once the rubber is harvested, it is processed and rolled into rubber sheets

4. Cut

Sheets are then sent to the processing factory where they cut the thongs

5. Shipped

Packed and shipped out to your local store

6. Happy feet

Happy people. Your purchase supports local communities and micro loans

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