Celebrating Beard Season!!!

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Fr33 Earth loves summer.

We would seriously travel for eternal summers, if the opportunity came around……..and this raises some serious skin questions.  Earlier this year we attended Don’t Tell Summer’s RadLivin Festival  and met the beard man.

RadLivin is a unique event made to inspire people to do what you love right now, no waiting!    Essentially it’s a bunch of like-minded people coming together to get inspired, share their dreams and celebrate livin’ life to the raddest.
Without this support, we would never have been brave enough to launch Fr33 Earth.
We also love sharing and helping causes which give back to other people or raise awareness around human impact issues.
At RadLivin we met the ‘Beard guy’ you may know him from the commercial about his good friend Wes who unfortunately died of skin cancer aged only 26.
Ever since, his good mates have been carefully building a community of over 80,000 people from all around the world.
They’ve spoken at TEDx, been invited on talk shows, appeared in prime time TV features and even co-hosted a BEARD exhibition London with one of the greatest portrait photographers of our time, attracting over 35,000 visitors.

All of this has contributed to their biggest achievement…

Convincing people like you to visit your local doctor or skin specialist to have a #BeardSeasonSkincheck.
Get involved – go to Art Gallery of NSW Million Dollar Beard Ball event on 6 October click here for tickets.

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