Fr33Earth Affiliate Program!

We are excited to have you join us

As a Fr33Earth Affiliate you will be able to pick and choose which items you want to sell based on your networks. Read below a list of tools we provide to better serve you as our affiliate!

Special Features!

Affiliate Landing Page

You will have a dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which you can promote without using an affiliate link.

No affiliate link required!
Some people are extremely good at spotting an affiliate link. They hover over the link and look at the URL in the browser status bar. This is more common than you think; people like to know where that link is taking them! Some affiliate links can look “sketchy” and are packed with long query strings and random characters. Other people simply don’t like clicking on affiliate links at all, knowing that someone is going to earn a commission if they decide to purchase.

When a potential customer chooses not to click an affiliate link, it means a missed sale opportunity for you. Why take the chance?

By using Affiliate Landing Pages, there is no affiliate link in sight. Potential customers are more likely to click the link and purchase from your site

Custom Affiliate Slugs

We provides Custom Affiliate Slugs, allowing affiliates to create their own custom “slug”. A slug is the piece of the referral URL where there would usually be the affiliate’s username or ID.

Lifetime Commissions

The Lifetime Commissions links a customer to an you as the affiliate, allowing the linked you as the affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer!

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing allows you as the affiliate to easily share the referral URLs you generate, right from your affiliate dashboard. By making it easy for you to share!

Whenever a new URL is generated, the social sharing networks are also updated to reflect the new URL.

Direct Link Tracking

Direct Link Tracking allows our affiliates to link directly to our site without the need for an affiliate link.

In some instances, an affiliate link may make a visitor skeptical of your site content, and they won’t click the link. A potential customer turned off by an affiliate link could mean a missed sale for you as the affiliate as well as us.

Using Direct Link Tracking, visitors will be completely unaware of any affiliate links, greatly increasing the chance of clicking a link  and going on to complete a purchase. You’ll be happy because you can earn more commissions.

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