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We love partnerships and we know you’ll love this too.
What is better than building a business that can change the world? Its promoting it and getting paid too !

We’ve spent countless nights contemplating on how to bring FR33 EARTH to the world. And one of the best ways was through Drop Shipping !

For all you Drop Shippers its a no brainer ! all you need to do is list our product on your site and we’ll fulfill to your customer for you.

But wait ! we’ve researched this. . . like a looooong time. There’s issues with this model. You don’t have sight over inventory which means if we’re sold out you’ll have to cancel the order with your customer. That creates a whole level of annoyance on all fronts. It could even mean you have to apologise and refund money. It’s really a bad model for customer satisfaction.

So we came up with a solution. We pulled together our tech team and built our own custom made woo commerce & shopify plugins. 

What does that mean? Well it means no more embarrassing conversations with your customer. Our plugin will directly pull our catalogue and place it on your back end of your woocommerce or shopify site.

You pull our complete catalogue, stock levels, images, descriptions, tags, price, colours and sizes. YASSSS ! ! ! that easy.
Everything is in real time so there won’t be a mismatch to your stock level.
Whats even better we ship it out with your address so it looks like it came from you.
So hear me out !


You don’t have to invest in stock but you have product to sell – mind you its changing the world at the same time.

You don’t have to waste time writing product descriptions

You don’t have to waste time uploading product images

You don’t have to waste time changing colours & sizes

You don’t have emabarrasing moments saying sorry we ran out of stock.

You just upload the plugin and point and click ! its that easy !

So what are you waiting for?

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