How and When Flip Flops Become A Popular Unisex Summer Footwear

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Ever wonder when did flip flops become a popular unisex beach summer footwear?
Flip Flops descended from many different cultures from Egyptians, Africans and Asians particularly Chinese and Japanese. But it wasn’t until the end of World War II that Flip Flops became popular when American Soldiers brought the Japanese Zori in the US and later the Korean version in 1950s.
Later, it was redesigned and refashioned to accomodate westerner’s feet and into bright colours rubberized flip flops and due to their convenience and comfort it became a primary casual accessory typically worn with shorts and beach clothing making it suitable for both men and women. And by 1960s its popularity became more widespread when surfers and beachgoers, men and women in California began to wear them. It became firmly associated with California beach lifestyle since then. Hence, they became a popular unisex summer footwear.

Flip flop became popular unisex footwear in 1960s

Surf culture in 1960s. Photo Credit to Ashlee Kay

Through centuries we’ve worn them, they’ve protected our feet and they have been the base to our sole. Some call them jandals, sandals, slipper, flippers, thongs, togs or just flip flops but when did these universal footwear become a popular unisex summer footwear?

We’ve spent a bit of time dwelling on these classic favourites and the history of their origins. So we’re here to share a few truths, if you allow.
They were a staple footwear for the ancient egyptians made from papyrus & palm leaves (if your wondering what papyrus is, its the stem of some water plant that was used to make sheets for writing or painting). The Africans used rawhide and the Indians used wood to make theirs. It wouldn’t be complete without the asians and so the Japanese and Chinese used rice straw.
With all this ancient history, it was after world war II when they started to come into main stream. The japanese had Zori and soldiers took them with them to the USA. Since then the Americans redesigned and changed these with colours and patterns. Or was it the Kiwis who redesigned these and manufactured there jandals – short for sandals. Well whoever it was it was in the 1960s when the flip flops started to penetrate through beach culture. It was closely associated with California,beach, swimwear, long summers and flip flopping around (oh by the way do you know why they call them flip flops? Well its because of the sound they made when you walk in them).
Now these summer favourites are worn throughout all seasons especially with us Aussies (is slang for Australian).
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Do you have any other names you call your flip flops? Let us know and leave a comment.


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