Kiva and Fr33 Earth – it’s a match made in heaven

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It’s a glitter bomb exploding in your face.
It’s firecrackers bursting rainbows through the sky.
Your eyes adjusting to the colours of a kaleidoscope and the sound of coloured slinkies slinking down the stairs.
It’s Fr33 Earth thongs on the feet of ponies running through fields of sunflowers and Boy George’s hair in the 80s.
It’s the Miss Piggy Cake with sparklers that you just had to have on your third birthday.
But, mostly – it’s us.
Our lives are rich in colour. Everyday is graffiti, pink florescent, Jelly Belly beans, candy flossing – it’s magic.
Fr33 Earth’s greatest fear is a life lived in black.   Shudder.
So, we’ve partnered with Kiva.   Kiva create colour rainbows in Asian hearts and minds.   They paint colours of hope into families in South East Asia via microloans.
And although we want these microloans to fund a massively big Asian clown farm we understand if some of these families who benefit from microloans choose a more straighter path like a business which provides income.
Kiva and Fr33 Earth – it’s a match made in heaven (made possible by you!).
Read more about Kiva here.

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