Milky Rubber: It’s What You Need!

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Milk doesn’t just come from nipples.    Actually, you don’t really even need nipples to get some milk!

When we first visited Thailand, we looked for gentle rubber (that would cup feet gently with our thongs).   We’re embarrassed to admit that we expected to see trees filled with rubber.   We even dreamt of pulling it off the tree in long rubber planks (face palm).

Instead, we found little handmade tits which were dripping milk into handmade wooden bowls.     

It was a beautiful sight, all these calming trees (with tits and little bowls) receiving the tree’s lovely natural milk.

That’s right people…….

“Just like money, rubber doesn’t grow on trees, it’s milked out of the tree”

It’s actually the polymers of the organic compound isoprene, with minor impurities of other organic compounds, plus water, it’s latex is sticky, milky and fluid  (we have an alter-ego, the name is “Nerd FR33 Earth”, occasionally drops in, talks specifics, then leaves).  

What we saw that day was the process called rubber tapping.  Rubber is where all the magic starts for FR33 Earth.    

We simply can’t imagine our lives without that milky lat-exy rubbery loveliness.     Our natural organically produced rubber is then taken from the forest to the factory.    It’s processed, molded and then something very special happens.    

A colour chief performs a little rainbow dance.   Colour spews out across the dance floor (sorry we mean the production floor).  

Our thongs get a colour injection,  that would have Michael Jackson singing “thriller, thriller all night.”

Natural rubber thongs helping humans walk the earth gently, respectfully, with love, milked from the tit of a tree.  

That’s exactly how our natural rubber thongs are made.


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