Our Earth Needs Our Thongs

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Ever heard the sound of smacked rubber on a bare arse?

Neither have we!

Fr33 Earth thinks that rubber deserves to be cupping bare feet inhabiting life gently (not used on arses!).

Natural rubber is an earth gift so, it’s Fr33 Earth’s responsibility to mould our thongs on the feet of angels, sprinkle them with unicorn rainbow farts and fuse them together with lighting bolts.
Our gift is a sparkling pair of thongs that would have even Alice saying “there’s no place like home”.
Creating natural, sustainable wanderlust thongs fills our heart but what happens to our soul is slightly different.
It’s hearing about the little feet travelling to school on dusty tracks, books being read, laughter happening around dinner tables and knowing we played a part in creating someone’s future.
At Fr33 Earth we know that when you teach a man or woman to fish they eat for life, so we’ve partnered with Kiva.
You can read our Kiva story here.
So, when you slip on your Fr33 Earth thongs, you not only get a colour injection that will make your feet smile but you also get the knowledge that you just helped someone else smile too!
Join Fr33 Earth in their quest to brighten the world one footstep at a time.

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