Green Apple & Pina Colada
Molten Red & Black Ash

With these on your feet you can tackle crocodiles in your pool, side step dive bombing magpies and even take on lava spewing volcanoes.

What’s going to make you feel better? Bubblegum & Red Skin thongs! And water… lots and lots of water.

Green Apple & Pina Colada

You’re on a tropical island, on a beach with Green Apple and Pina Colada on your feet. P A R A D I S E!

Smokey Black & Midnight Blue

Come over to the dark side… we have beer!

Blue Lemonade Buttered Popcorn

Its road trips with punctured tyres, wrong turns, dead ends and oh-my-god-I-can’t-breathe laughing fits.

Blueberry & Pineapple Snow Cone Twist

Dancing in your living room when the house is empty with the music blaring!