Lady Musgrave



And good day to you Lady Musgrave. Lady Musgrave is wood sunglasses like no other. Lady musgrave has been artistically made with premium materials. Skateboard material frame, high quality spring metal hinges and Cat 3 UV 400 smoked polarized lens to protect your eyes. Lady musgrave is your best companion for sailing, walks in the park or just simply to get your groceries.

Did you know?
Lady Musgrave is an Island in Australia where you can get up close with ‘flying’ manta rays, view turtles smoothly swimming through the ocean, try to pick out what reef fish you know from the abundant life under the sea.

Every item you purchase from FR33 EARTH helps a village start a farm to get our of poverty



1. spring metal hinge
2. skateboard wood material
3. cat.3 UV400 polarized
Ebony skateboard
wood frame
smoke polarized lens
acetate tips

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